It’s The Art Fleet Service Provider Marketing Blog is focused on marketing ideas that help a fleet service providers business or organization achieve their business goals in reaching fleet decision-makers and fleet stakeholders within their organizations. More than advertising, public relations, content marketing, native advertising, direct mail, sales tools, presentations, etc., the key to marketing value is how does the integrated plan contribute to the strategic plan. How does marketing support the brand? How does marketing help the company increase sales or market penetration? How does marketing prove that it delivers the best ROI? Postings will cover a broad range of ideas.

It’s The Arts specializes in strategic partnerships with companies and organizations looking to enhance awareness, implement an integrated marketing plan comprising both traditional and digital media, measure marketing effectiveness, and ultimately, increase sales, profits and shareholder value. But with over 20 years in the fleet market, our experts can help any company targeting the fleet market to obtain the best results! ITA Fleet Communications was founded by Ed Pierce (W E Pierce IV) after he spent 20+ years leading ARI (Automotive Resources International) marketing through the company’s most significant growth period (1993 through 2013), including its entry into the Europe). He is joined by Kitty Pierce, former VP Marketing & Communications for Patient Point, who handles all Creative services.

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