A Call to Action – Distracted Driving of the Integrated Marketing Plan

Exclusively for Fleet Management Weekly, December 1, 2014

By Ed Pierce, Principal, ITA Fleet Communications

An “integrated marketing plan” sounds like the natural result of a sound business process. Why wouldn’t a fleet provider’s marketing plan integrate all of the tactics in support of one set of goals?
Specifically, it makes sense that a company should use more than one medium to distribute a singular marketing message. A plan comprising different promotional methods ought to be designed so that each method reinforces the others. And, when there are multiple messages, distributed through multiple channels, they should relate to each other in support of an over-arching strategy.
Despite the methodical intent, however, many companies’ plans still suffer from marketing fragmentation. Since there are so many different marketing options available in today’s world, many companies find it difficult to select which media best fit their advertising and marketing needs. Then, they muddy the message in an attempt to address different targeted audiences.
But most of all, there are also a seemingly endless number of unplanned sales, operational and off-target marketing distractions that arise in the course of a year. These create havoc with the best-laid plan. Because budgets are finite, planned integrated tactics get watered down or cut. At the end of the year, senior management expectations of marketing aren’t met, and excuses built on a forgotten patchwork of compromises ring hollow.
Technology and consumerism in a B2B environment evolve, meaning the evolution of a fleet provider’s integrated marketing plan must adapt. Today’s customers and prospective customers want to be more engaged. They want more interaction with your company beyond traditional marketing channels.
General marketing, customer service, reputation marketing, technology and sales are transforming into one big entity – your brand — that needs to be defined, positioned, protected and massaged. All departments of your company, especially those that are client-facing or deal with a company’s other target audiences, should be communicating one consistent identity that is the face of your company. And, the only way to do so effectively is through an integrated marketing plan.
We will explore some new avenues on the fleet provider marketing map in the new year. Thanks for reading “A Call to Action” this year, and have a happy, healthy holiday season! As always, if you have a specific marketing issue or question, call me at 610–585-0801 or send an email to EdPierce@ITAfleetcommunications.com.

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